Games I’m Looking Forward To This Week

New week and I am ready for it! I have tons of demos and stuff that I need to play and I likely won’t get through them all but I certainly will make time for a few new games this week.

No Thanks Netflix

While I enjoy your service, I don’t believe the 60% increase in my subscription is worth it. Of course you can always change my mind by matching your streaming content availability to that of your DVD. You know, the portion of your business that was priced as a two-dollar add-on but in the greater good to give consumers choice, it is now $7.99.

Interesting Vid On European And US Broadband

Engadget posted an article a few days ago concerning the cost of broadband in European countries, their infrastructure and how it compares to the US. I found it interesting so check out the video below and follow up with a read on Engadget.

What I'm Currently Playing

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